Trastevere – one of Rome´s
most beautiful neighborhood

Trastevere – what to do?

The beautiful Trastevere is the 13th of Rome´s districts. The name came from Latins Trans Tiberim, which means “beyond the Tiber” and refers to that Trastevere is on the other side of the Tiber River – seen from Rome´s side.

The popular Trastevere in Rome is an obvious destination when traveling to the city. With its cozy streets, local food and churches it´s incredibly beautiful - especially at evening. You can find Trastevere´s history around every corner – just take a walk! There are also tourist-free parts of Trastevere, so be sure to pass by the smaller streets.

Evenings in Trastevere

There is as much to see in Trastevere at night, as it is during the day! Be sure to enjoy an evening with music, restaurants or just by sitting in the piazza. We know that restaurants in Trastevere has the real roman food!

Santa Maria in Trastevere

The square of Santa Maria and the church with the same name is a famous place in Trastevere.

The basilica of Santa Maria is one of the oldest churches in Rome. And it´s not a usual Roman church – just wait until you come inside! Visitors say it´s an unmissable sight with beautiful golden mosaic coverings. The church was dedicated to the Virgin Mary. No one gets bored at night when the piazza gets a lot of action!

Porta Portese

On Sundays – from early morning until about 2 pm the market Porta Portese is opened! And it´s one of Rome's biggest markets. While there – do not be afraid to bargain, just be polite when you do it!