Travel to Rome
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Travel to Rome

Do you want to travel to Rome cheaply? You can choose to travel to Rome by car, bus or airplane.

By taking a car to Rome you will have the opportunity to pass through Europe and see everything possible! Many bus companies run regular trips to Rome and other European cities.

The city, which is like a museum itself, has much to offer for those who loves culture, art and food.

Guide – a few things to keep in mind when traveling to Rome

Here is a list of a few things to keep in mind when visiting Rome. We hope you have a pleasant journey!

You can walk between locations in Rome!

If you want to walk in Rome, the tourist attractions are not far away from each other! Otherwise, the metro, taxi or buses are good alternatives for traveling around Rome. Bus tickets can be bought in stores marked with a "T" on.

Be aware of pickpockets

As usual in big cities, it is important to keep your valuables tight. If you were to be robbed, visit a police station: the police in Rome are happy to help. It is also important for your insurance.

Smoking in Rome might not be allowed

Be sure to check if it´s allowed to smoke at the location you are in, or you may be fined. For example, smoking is not allowed in most public places: bars, buses, shops or restaurants.

Have suitable clothes in the church

When you visit churches in Rome you should wear appropriate clothing. Trousers / dresses should cover your knees. Shoulders must be covered, where the top should not be too revealing. When you visit the Vatican, men must wear long trousers.

Travel to Rome with children

When traveling to Rome with children you can experience the best for both children and adults. The city - with its historical character has fun activities to entertain all visitors.

In Rome

Make a plan of what you want from Rome's beautiful culture - we have gathered the most famous landmarks in Trastevere on this site! To get as much out of your Rome trip as possible, prepare yourself! Remember to buy your tickets in time.

Tourist attractions

There is much to see and visit in Rome. Don't miss visiting Colosseum, the Spanish Steps, Vatican City or St. Peter's Basilica.

Food and drinks

The Italian food is said to be divine. On the menu you can always find the most beloved favorites, pizza and pasta, but also good meat- and fish dishes. Buon appetito!